Car Maintenance

Owning a car is just expensive. There’s no way around it. Especially if you’ve never taken a mechanics class in your life. To save you money and ensure that your vehicle lasts as long as possible, be sure to take good care of it. Doing so is easier than you might think despite the fact you might have to invest a bit of cash to keep your ride running smoothly.

Know your car’s factory guidelines. In other words, read the owner’s manual and be aware of when it needs an oil change or a transmission flush. And even though every vehicle’s maintenance schedule and needs are slightly different, there are needs that are common to every car or truck. These guidelines can help.

Be sure to have the oil changed at the appointed time. For many cars that means 5,000 miles today. Some might require a change at 10,000! Again, check your manual to know – and your car will probably turn on a light as a reminder as the time comes. Keeping a mileage log can help with any uncertainty. And if your mileage is low – that is, you don’t reach even 5,000 – having oil changed once a year anyway can still be a good idea for various reasons.

Make sure your windshield has no chips or cracks. Visibility is a legal issue, and in some states a crack that draws away from a driver’s field of vision is illegal. Besides, drastic changes in temperature can change glass’s functionality. For example, a hot car entering a cold car wash is a recipe for disaster and cracks in the shield. Avoid such situations. A small rock chip can cause a large crack in such scenarios, too.

Tire pressure is crucial to get the best gas mileage and traction. Check it often with a pressure gauge, or have a mechanic do it. Pressure changes with atmospheric pressure/weather, and low tires are a hazard because they can hydroplane or rupture.  Save yourself time and money by making sure your tires are well inflated, and check the recommended PSI guide for your vehicle.  Some people check the pressure every other gas stop they make.

Monitor and top off your car’s fluid levels regularly. Those who do not know how to do this should check their manual or get an expert’s help. Insufficient oil will cause your engine to seize and become unusable, something that no car owner wants. Avoid expensive car catastrophes and take care of this routine matter.

Your car has a specific maintenance schedule that is not only a guideline but a requirement. It should be followed diligently to protect your investment and ensure best performance. Car manufacturers know what is optimal for their cars, and you should too. At certain points of mileage, a checkup should be done on various parts of the car, including the brakes, power steering, and other key components. Be certain to hire a mechanic who is comfortable servicing computerized engines, too.

Even seemingly mundane items like air filters should be replaced regularly. Again, know your cars needs and particular schedule. Doing so maximizes gas mileage, among other performance aspects.

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