Pokemon GO and Hack Android (No Root)

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Pokemon GO and Hack Android (No Root)

Check your Android security patch date. Go to settings/about device/software info and scroll all the way down. If you are on a March 2017 or later security patch you cannot spoof properly. To roll back security patches you will need to do your own research on how to do so, it involves flashing an old stock image of your phones software and is entirely too device specific to be discussed here. (Its do-able and easy so don’t loose faith)

Download a Safetynet checking app. I use this app. Run the check, if you’re green continue to step 2, if you’re red you have a modified system or have root files on your device and need to fix that(refer to step 4).

Download Pokemon Go Android No Root hack and make sure that you can play before going any further, if you have issues now this tutorial will only add more issues.

>* Step 2- Bootloader unlocking. This is the hardest part of the entire process for a noob and usually the most intimidating. This is where doing your research for your device will come in handy as all phones are different in this process, some take seconds to unlock with …

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