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How To Strip and Wax Your Floor

There are various ways to clean your premises and these include; wiping, vacuuming, stripping and waxing. All people want their floors to look clean and spotless. However, maintaining this part of a room is not easy because it experiences high human traffic. For instance, business areas that have polished floors are prone to wax, and that could bring about an unappealing color. The first way to maintain the color of a floor is to practice stripping and waxing. Each and every floor is exceptional and will therefore need personal attention to keep its overall condition. There are procedures through which waxing and stripping should be done, and that is what makes the task easy.

When you are done with stripping and waxing of your floors, then it will appear nice, and from there it will be easy to maintain. Make sure that you have all the cleaning equipment and supplies that will be required. Get rid of all chairs, desks, rugs or cloths from the area that you will be cleaning. You will need to remove all the obstacles so that you do not waste time moving the objects around. The next task to do is to remove dirt from the floor and that you can do using a rug. A majority of detergents when used instead of clean water will leave an adhesive residue behind. This scum that is left behind is what makes the floor dirty because it attracts dust. When you are done washing the floor, you can go ahead and clean with a dry towel.

When you are done with drying the floor, it then becomes appropriate to apply the stripper. Strippers are readily available in the stores, and you can ask one of the staff to suggest the best stripper. Do not make a mistake of buying less material to be used for stripping. When you have placed the stripping solution on the vinyl floor, it is appropriate to use a machine to scrub. The stripping machine makes it easier to clean the floor due to the rotating nature of the circular disk. The next step involves the removal of accumulated water from the floor by use of a water vacuum.

While vacuuming, make sure that all the stains are removed. Stripping solutions vary in strength and if you notice that some stains did not go away then probably you did not use a strong stripper. Put a commercial quality wax mixture to the floor so that you shine the vinyl floor. You can get the services of a professional cleaning company to do all the stripping and waxing for you.

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