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Why There Needs to be More Access to Cannabis

As far as we can remember, there has never been a time when marijuana was fully accepted as the drug to help those who are suffering from critical or terminal illness. It is hard to find many places where marijuana is an accepted drug for any purpose. When it comes to medical purposes, the ban was viewed as unfair, as it was driven by political reasons, not scientific ones. The groups pushing for the ban were in support of pharmaceutical groups, with their pharmaceutical alternatives.

Medical marijuana has come in handy in assisting patients, especially those in the various stages of cancer. It has been shown to be effective in the curbing of nausea associated with chemotherapy treatment, as well as the later stages of the disease itself. It has also been used to eat HIV and Aids patients to eat more, more frequently. Those who have frequent attacks of pain, muscle spasms, depression, brain cancer, or anxiety can also benefit from marijuana use.

This drug has proven its worth both in terms of effectiveness in treating many conditions, and its minimal side effects and cost, which makes one wonder why it is still so strongly opposed by certain parties. It turns out this solution to so many problems does not marry with the intentions of a different set of political and special interest group. Most of these groups actively denounce and discourage the acceptance of the drug, as they actively advertise their different solutions. These groups have successfully portrayed marijuana as a terrible drug with bad addiction issues. Such negative marketing makes the acceptance of marijuana as the best option nearly impossible. Politicians who stand to benefit from the adoption of the alternative means will be the first ones to paint it as a drug that will destroy the youth through abuse. The pharmaceutical companies will in exchange fund their political campaigns, or show their appreciation in a more direct manner. The same politicians will use their acquired powers to ensure no law passes that could threaten the pharmaceutical companies’ interests.

Apart from marijuana and pharmaceutical options, there are other solutions that need to be looked into. The examination reveals them to be the worst options possible, as they are strong drugs with terrible side effects and high addiction capabilities. There have been medical versions of cocaine, heroin, oxytocin, and such. They caused more problems than they solved. They have proven that they cannot realistically serve as alternatives in any scenario. These drugs make marijuana even more reasonable. They show how cost-effective and efficient it is in the application of such diseases. It also exists naturally, unlike them.

Politicians and their pharmaceutical supporters are blocking the official application of marijuana for medical purposes. This justifies the case of setting up of more marijuana dispensaries all over the world. This would present the best option to those in pain and suffering. This drug problem is actually a solution.

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