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Decoration by Screen Printing and Embroidery.

The creative design of printing art on a document using ink and pre-drawn models then transferring the design on the required surface is called screen printing. Screen printing is a way of making three dimension pictures and large pictures like banners. Both screen printing and embroidery are ways of creating an imprint on any surface.

Unlike embroidery colors are used in screen printing instead of yarn or thread to make the patterns or pictures required. To have any graphic pattern on surfaces like cloth one need to use screen printing. Great care is required while making graphic pictures by screen printing to avoid wastage of resources and due to this its done by professionals. Screen printing is a sure way to print large sized pictures on a variety of surfaces. It is advantageous to use this method of printing because it produces the desired graphics on many surfaces.

To print a large sized graphic one needs to use screen printing that is mainly done by professional companies. This method is relatively cheaper than the older methods and time saving while having the desired output. To have pictures of any size imprinted on any surface , screen printing is the best way to accomplish your goal. Screen the page is relevant because many materials can have an imprint of a design that may be for various purposes including product promotion.

Emboidery constitutes of making patterns on a piece of cloth by sewing with a yarn or thread. Embroidery was first done for the purpose of training tailors in the medieval times. Embroided material was expensive in the medieval times and was seen as a sign of wealth. Embroidery has evolved into an art form that can be found in the textile industry.

Embroidery is a way to avoid boredom for some through creating decorative patterns. Embroidery is done for many purposes including art and design creation and also for financial gain. Various designs in embroidery are used for different reasons. Diferrent tools are required to embroid that are needles, threads of different colours and the fabric to embroid. To produce similar embroidered art in large-scale one needs to have embroidery machines. The most common art of embroidery available is digitally controlled and can provide a broad range of designs.

Custom T-shirts are made by the digitalized embroidery machines. Designs of embroidery arts are dependent on the different countries from which the art evolved. The skill of embroidery requires a good instructor and concentration to learn and perfect the art.

Having a logo of a company or product embodied in clothing like custom t-shirts can be used in product promotion. Product development companies are a good way to promote a particular cause or event that you may wish to be known widely.

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